Faculty of Allied Health Sciences

University of Peradeniya

Faculty of Allied Health Sciences

University of Peradeniya

Faculty Research Commitee

Members of FRC

  • Prof. M.D.M.L.D.K. Yatawara (Dean)
  • Dr. H.D.W.T. Damayanthi (Chairperson)
  • Dr. Esther Liyange (Secretary)
  • Dr. M.H.F. Sakeena (Representative to SRC)
  • Dr. T.P. Gamagedara (Head/ Dept. of Basic Sciences)
  • Dr. K.L.T.D.Jayawardena (Head/ Dept. of Medical Laboratory Sciences)
  • Dr. M.L. Pathirathna (Head/ Dept. of Nursing)
  • Dr. N.R. Amarasinghe (Head/ Dept. of Pharmacy)
  • Dr. R.R.W.M.S.I. Wadugodapitiya (Head/ Dept. of Physiotherapy)
  • Dr. U.J.M.A.L. Jayasinghe (Head/ Dept. of Radiography/ Radiotherapy)
  • Dr. W.M.G.M.B. Bowatte (Dept. of Basic Sciences)
  • Dr. G.S. Weerasinghe (Dept. of Medical Laboratory Sciences)
  • Dr. L.C.P.T. Liyanaarachchie (Dept. of Pharmacy)
  • Dr. B.S. Weerakon (Dept. of Radiography/ Radiotherapy)

FRC Monthly Meeting Dates (1 st Monday) 2020

  • January 06
  • February 03
  • March 02
  • April 06
  • May 04
  • June 01
  • July 06
  • August 04
  • September 07
  • October 05
  • November 02
  • December 07

Standard Operating Procedures
Applications and guideline-SRC/FRC
Progress report
Final Report

Faculty Research Awards

Faculty Research Awards-2018

Faculty Research Awards-2019
  • Revised criteria

    To be eligible for the Faculty Research Awards, a candidate must fulfil the following requirements;

    • Candidate shall be a permanent academic staff member of the faculty for the time period of evaluation of the full paper for faculty research awards
    • Full paper publications (both original and review, case reports/case series/short communications): The evidence of the full paper publication (hard copy and e-copy) should be provided to FRC to be considered for the faculty research awards
    • Full paper publication in a peer-reviewed non-predatory journal as per guideline set by the members of FRC (see the guideline on how to identify non-predatory journals)
    • Publication in both peer-reviewed indexed and non-indexed journals
    • Proof of author affiliation to FAHS, UoP: The author affiliation should be mentioned as Faculty of Allied Health Sciences, University of Peradeniya in the paper.
    • A paper shall be considered only once regardless of the number of authors. The duplication will be removed
    • All the authors of FAHS of a particular full paper will be awarded if the publication meets the above criteria.

    Guideline for ‘identifying predatory/non-predatory’ journals

  • Call for application-Faculty Research awards2020
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