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The Bachelor of Science Nursing Program is a pre-registration degree course designed to produce nurse graduates who are capable of providing safe and effective nursing care of a high standard in a variety of settings such as Generalist nursing, Midwifery nursing, Children's nursing and Community Health Nursing. The curriculum provides a sound scientific and humanistic foundation for nursing practice, enabling the students develop competencies necessary for the delivery of nursing care as indicated above.
The aim of the course is to enable the student, through a mix of theoretical and practice-based modules, to become compassionate, caring, competent and critically aware graduate nurses.

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  • To work as a competent nurse in government and private sector locally and abroad
  • Postgraduate training opportunities locally and abroad
  • Research opportunities locally and abroad
  • Academic positions in Universities, other teaching Institutions, public and private sectors both local
    and foreign
  • To work in a supervisory and managerial capacity in the nursing sector
First Year Second Year Third Year Fourth Year
1000 Level 2000 Level 3000 Level 4000 Level