Undergraduate Degree Programmes

Degree Programmes

The Faculty conducts following degree programms for students.

  • B.Sc. in Nursing Degree Programme
  • B.Sc. in Medical Laboratory Science Degree Programme
  • B.Sc. in Physiotherapy Degree Programme
  • B.Sc. in Radiography Degree Programme
  • B.Sc. in Radiotherapy Degree Programme
  • Bachelor of Pharmacy ( B.Pharm) Degree Programme

Principal Subjects

The Faculty conducts Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) General Degree programmes and B.Sc. Special Degree Programmes in most of the Principal Subjects from the 2009/10 batch of students under 3+1 general/special degree programme:

Initially, a student registers for a general degree programme, and at the end of the third year, he/she may continue to follow the general degree programme or register for a special degree programme in a principal subject. The second option is possible only if he/she fulfills certain criteria for selection to a special degree programme (Minimum of 2.8 GPA at 3rd year). The duration of a general degree programme is normally three years, while that of a special degree programme is four years. General degree students may at the end of 3rd year be selected based on performance and given the option of following courses for an additional year with special emphasis on industry-related courses leading to a B.Sc. special degree in place of a General Degree.

Course Units

The Faculty conducts courses under a semester based course unit system. The medium of instruction shall be English. Students can seek the assistance of the academic councellsor and academic advisors who will help him/her to select appropriate subject combinations. Students are responsible for planning their programmes, but they will be guided by the academic councellor and advisors to select course units required for the degree programme.
The course units offered by each department will be available at the beginning of each semester, and the students are required to register using the appropriate form on or before a date specified by the Faculty. Late registrations may be accepted under exceptional circumstances at the discretion of the Faculty on payment of the prescribed fine. In each academic year, a student must register for not less than 27 and not more than 33 credits, excluding course units which are being repeated. Academic advisors will help students to select course units judiciously. Once the course units are selected, the students shall register for each course unit thus selected at the beginning of the semester and he/she can offer only these course units to earn credit.

Completion of Degree

Students should complete all three year degree programmes within five academic years from the date of admission to the Faculty. In the case of students offering a four year degree, this period will be six academic years.

Entries in the Transcript

Course units with the corresponding grades and grade points obtained will appear in the transcript. F grades which have been upgraded will not appear but the credit earned of the repeated course unit will appear under the particular semester when the unit was completed with a label (R) to indicate that the course was repeated. F grades which have not been upgraded will appear in the transcript. The final Grade Point Average (GPA) and the Class (if any) will also appear in the transcript. The transcript will be issued upon application and the payment of a prescribed fee.

 Note: Changes to these rules and regulations may be made by the Faculty Board with the approval of the Senate of the University of Peradeniya


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