Contact Information

Head Of the Dept. : Dr. Surangika Imanthi Wadugodapitiya PhD (Biomechanics) at Niigata University, Japan.
Address : Department of Phisiotherapy
Faculty of Allied Health Sciences of University of Peradeniya,
Augusta Hill, Sri Amarawansa Mawatha
Sri Lanka

E-mail : /
Telephone : +94-81-3999623

Head's Message

Physiotherapy is establishing itself as a vital component of the health care team more than ever before. The foremost objective of the department of physiotherapy is to produce proficient physiotherapy graduates with high standards of knowledge and clinical skills to enhance the quality of physiotherapy practice locally and globally.

In this endeavor the department provides an eclectic blend of course modules which encompasses the concepts of basic medical sciences, physiotherapy concepts and skills, clinical physiotherapy and research. Clinical training and research are integral parts of the curriculum and students are provided with more than 1000 hrs of clinical training in various teaching hospitals and in specialized care.

The existing curriculum of the BScHons Physiotherapy was revised as per the policy of updating the curriculum periodically. The revised curriculum was developed addressing current guidelines given by the Sri Lanka Qualifications Framework for the level 6 (SLQF) and to meet the standards of obtaining affiliations from international physiotherapy professional bodies. The development of professional behaviours, work ethics are highlighted across all areas of the program and students are challenged throughout the program to think critically and excel in physiotherapy practice.

Our department is enriched with a high quality academic environment with a qualified academic and academic supportive staff. Also, we are well equipped with exercise, electrotherapy laboratories and learning facilities for teaching and research including a movement science laboratory.

The Department of Physiotherapy has launched a Master of Science in Physiotherapy degree, with the first student group starting in January 2022. This is the first master's degree in this discipline in Sri Lanka.

Apart from academic work, we extend physiotherapy service to the public through an out-patient service unit which provides physiotherapy treatments, rehabilitation programs to common respiratory diseases including COVID-19 and providing lung functions and physical fitness testings. Also, the Department conducts community based rehabilitation programs and geriatrics rehabilitation programs in Kandy district.

I warmly welcoming you all to the Department of Physiotherapy.