Department of Physiotherapy

Faculty of Allied Health Sciences

Geriatric Rehabilitation Programmes.

Global demographics are changing dramatically and elderly populations around the world is rapidly on the rise. Because of that age related health issues are increasing in considerable amount. Situation in Sri Lanka is going parallel to the world when we are concerning about geriatric population and their health issues. Geriatric physiotherapy is a rapidly developing branch of the physiotherapy field. As Physiotherapists, our goal is to enhance quality of life of elderly population through proper physiotherapy rehabilitation programme.

The Department of Physiotherapy is conducting elderly care programme in collaboration with Faculty of Medicine, University of Peradeniya. We conduct several Geriatric Clinics in different Elders’ homes in Kandy district. We provided physiotherapy services for elderly people who are in the need of physiotherapy interventions. In addition to that, the students of the department of physiotherapy also engage in geriatric clinics as a part of their undergraduate programme