Department of Pharmacy

Faculty of Allied Health Sciences

Undergraduate Courses


Pharmacy is the branch of the health science which extends its horizon from raw materials to manufacture of pharmaceuticals to monitoring the reactions by the patients after using the formulation of the same. This includes the following areas in relation to pharmacy: manufacture, quality assurance, research and development, regulatory affairs, hospital and clinical pharmacy, law enforcement and legal proceedings, academia, distribution, marketing, promotion, procurement, storage, community service, providing information and monitoring. This curriculum provides a scientific and service oriented foundation for pharmacy practice, enabling the graduates to develop competencies necessary to independently practice as professionally qualified pharmacists. Furthermore they shall acquire confidence in self direction for the development of pharmacy as an independent profession and its evolving contribution to other disciplines of health care. The programme is designed to further encourage the graduates to acquire knowledge and insights through self-directed learning and motivate innovative approaches. The programme also aims to produce graduates who have highly developed analytical skills and leadership potential alongside sound clinical competence. Emphasis will also be placed on developing critical and reflective thinking, problem solving and social skills on the undergraduates and also skills to address professional, moral and ethical issues.

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Next curriculum revision is due in 2020.


  • Academic positions in Universities, other teaching institutions, public and private sectors both local and foreign.
  • Community Pharmacy (medication management, pharmaceutical care, and health promotion).
  • Hospital Pharmacy (education, clinical pharmacy, therapeutic drug monitoring, outpatient pharmacy, drug information services).
  • Government (regulatory affairs, procurement and supplies).
  • Pharmaceutical Industry (research and development, product information, sales and marketing management).
  • Armed Services.
  • Postgraduate training opportunities locally and abroad.
  • Managerial positions in public and private institutions.


First Year Second Year Third Year Fourth Year
100 Level 200 Level 300 Level 400 Level