Department of Pharmacy

Faculty of Allied Health Sciences

Postgraduate course

Master of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences (M.Sc. Pharma Sc.)

Pharmaceutical sciences and pharmacy practice are two major health disciplines that contribute to the development of a country. Pharmaceutical scientists play a vital role in pharmaceutical manufacturing, product development, quality control and quality assurance of medicines and medical devices, marketing and regulation of medicines. The pharmaceutical industry has grown rapidly in recent decades and there is a current demand in the country for experts in pharmaceutical sciences. A majority of graduates of science-based disciplines seek employment in the pharmaceutical industry as it offers good remuneration and recognition. Hence, this master’s programme in pharmaceutical sciences is a great opportunity for those graduates looking forward to working in the pharmaceutical industry, and also to address the demands currently existing in Sri Lanka. Requirement of a master’s degree programme in pharmaceutical sciences was recognized as a timely requirement during a need analysis conducted by the department of Pharmacy, FAHS. The department of pharmacy is planning to implement this new degree programme (M.Sc. in Pharmaceutical Sciences) aiming to produce the national needs of pharmaceutical experts for the country. This masters programme will facilitate students to gain necessary knowledge and skills in pharmaceutical sciences through course work and one year research project (SLQF Level 10), with a provision to complete the programme by coursework only (SLQF level 9). At present there are no postgraduate programmes in Pharmaceutical Sciences in Sri Lanka hence this new degree programme will help in achieving government initiatives to promote local manufacturing of quality pharmaceuticals. The Department of Pharmacy is waiting to obtain UGC approval for the proposed programme.

Programme coordinator: Dr. M.H.F. Sakeena