Department of Nursing

Faculty of Allied Health Sciences

General Infomation

The Bachelor of Science Nursing Programme is a pre-registration degree course designed to produce nurse practitioners capable of proving safe and effective nursing care of a high standard in a variety of settings such as generalist nursing, Midwifery nursing, Child Health nursing and Community health Nursing.

Designing and conducting training programs to impart knowledge in nursing to produce graduate nurses capable of providing safe and effective nursing care of a high standard. The department provides a sound scientific and humanistic foundation for nursing practice, enabling the students develop competencies necessary for the delivery of nursing care related to prevention, maintenance, cure, rehabilitation and promotion of health. It also addresses the acute and chronic health problems of clients throughout their life span, including care of the child-bearing woman. Furthermore, they would acquire confidence in self-direction for the development of nursing as a profession and its evolving contributions to other disciplines of health care. The program is designed to encourage the students to acquire knowledge and insights through self-directed learning and innovative approaches. The program will also introduce concepts of nursing research and evidence-based practice at an early stage. The program also aims to produce graduate nurses who have highly developed analytical skills and leadership in the profession potential alongside sound competence in nursing care. Emphasis will be placed on developing critical and reflective thinking, problem solving and social skills in the undergraduates and also skills to address professional, moral and ethical issues. Practice placements throughout the program ensure the development of nursing skills and competencies. Practice-based learning takes place in a variety of hospital and community settings.