Department of Nursing

Faculty of Allied Health Sciences


The skill laboratory is characterized as a training facility that provides undergraduates in every academic year with a secure setting to hone their clinical abilities prior to practical application in the hospital. Students can use this to create a realistic hospital in a virtual setting—as "Virtual Hospital"—as they make the transition from academic study to professional practice. Theory and psychomotor skills that can be developed inside the skills lab should be combined together to provide a comprehensive nursing education to create a competent nurse.

The programs in the skills lab start with fundamental basic learning and skills training, where students acquire basic hygienic practices, mobility and positioning, feeding, and other key physiologic skills, and they culminate with more advanced, high acuity physiologic and critical care practices. In the skills lab, there are various mannequins that range in age from infant to adult, both male and female, as well as a pregnant mannequin that can be used in delivery process related to the maternity nursing. Each of these mannequins possess a name, a personal history, and presents advanced life-like features which can be used for feeding, dressing, bathing, catheterization and a rising and falling chest to mimic breathing.

The skills lab is house for more other hospital settings and it is comprised with a scrubbing area, crash cart/emergency trolley, medication trolley and learning aids such as human body anatomy models and skeleton modes. Furthermore, it provides the space for group discussions, small group activities, demonstrations and return demonstrations.

The skills lab of Faculty of Allied Health Sciences provides the ideal simulated space for the academic activities of undergraduates and other health care professionals in the aim of improving and maintaining clinical skills.