Department of Nursing

Faculty of Allied Health Sciences

Foriegn Collaborations

MOU with School of Health Sciences, Niigata University, Japan

Over the recent past, the Department of Nursing was successful in establishing academic collaborations with several exceptional universities in th e world. The first and the foremost MoU was with the Niigata University, Japan which came to appear since 2011 and henceforth the staff and the undergraduates are facilitated with the annual study visits and students exchange program which provide opportunities to experience the Nursing education system and professional practice in a developed country.

MOU with School of Nursing, John Hopkins University, USA

The Department of Nursing is privilege to execute the second MoU in 2018, with the most standard higher education institute for Nursing education in the world; the School of Nursing, John Hopkins University, USA.

Other MoUs

The process of establishing the collaborations with one of the historical universities in the United Kingdom; the Edinburgh University and another from far oriental; the Choonhae Collage of Health Sciences in South Korea are now almost completed therefore the department do hope to extract the maximum benefits out of these two productive partnerships in the near future. Meanwhile the Department of Nursing is keen on the progress of securing the MoUs with several other universities including the University of Malaya and Sarawak University in Malaysia and also with the Yonsei University in South Korea. Being advantaged by such academic collaborations with the different higher education institutes throughout the world, will evidently enable the department to be conscious on the updated knowledge and practices related to the Nursing discipline which will impact on our academic delivery in return