Department of Basic Sciences

Faculty of Allied Health Sciences

General Introduction

Basic science leads to a better understanding of natural phenomena. It looks for "knowledge and discovery of facts" to enable one to understand an already existing phenomenon. Basic science is the foundation of all scientific research. If you want the greatest long-term yield for human health, there’s no better investment. It may not be as glamorous as other types of research, but basic science discoveries can be applied across all medical disciplines to provide solutions to all diseases. The Department of Basic Sciences offers course modules to all first-year undergraduate students entering the Faculty of Allied Health Sciences. The Department aims to provide superior understanding of concepts in the fields of Human Physiology, Human Anatomy, Basic Biochemistry, General Pathology, Basic Statistics and Analytical Chemistry. These course modules are designed to deliver extensive foundational theoretical and practical knowledge to support all six specific Degree programmes offered by the Faculty. Practical implementation of theoretical knowledge is achieved through well-designed laboratories, where students learn the practical aspects of Biochemistry, Human Physiology and Analytical Chemistry. The Department provides solid foundational knowledge in all six Degree programmes. The Basic Sciences Department was inaugurated under the headship of Prof H.M.T.U. Herath in 2017 and is currently led by Dr T.P. Gamagedara. The Department has a strong teaching and research focus. The Department has top level infrastructure and highly qualified and experienced staff, including four permanent academic, six temporary academic and six non-academic staff members. In addition, eminent visiting academics conduct lectures on special selected topics. The Department is involved in research catering to both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The Department will be equipped with a new anatomy museum in near future. This museum will support students’ practical skills in human anatomy and enhance their understanding of both basic human anatomy and the adaptive functionality of each body system. The Department of Basic Science is the youngest department of the Faculty of Allied Health Sciences at just three years of age. The Department has far reaching goals and will continue to develop infrastructure with state-of-the-art facilities to support student learning and develop new courses that cater to the dynamic academic and research needs of our country and the world more broadly.

 News & Events


Opening of the Anatomy Museum, Dept. of Basic Sciences

The ceremonial opening of the newly established Anatomy Museum of the Dept. of Basic Sciences was held on 17 th December 2021 ...



3D Functional Anatomy Models Exhibition

The 3D functional Anatomy Models Exhibition was successfully held on 16thOctober, 2018 at Diamond Jubilee building Auditorium, Faculty of Allied Health Sciences with the participation of the Dean of the faculty, academic and nonacademic staff members of the faculty. The event was organized by Dr. Nethmini Haththotuwa,