Calling for the Expression of Interest: Full time MPhil Opportunity

We are seeking a capable, highly motivated postgraduate candidate for a full-time 2-year MPhil degree to work in a research study on "Developing a predictive model of opioid abuse using neurophysiological, behavioral and demographic predictors" conducted in Sri Lanka. Academic / professional experience in working with patients/clinical settings is highly desirable.

The study will be a collaborative study with Texas Tech University USA and potentially will be funded by the NIH (the outcome will be known by February 2019). The candidate will be payed a salary (equivalent to ~USD1000/per month) during proposed period of the study (Jul 2019 - Jul 2020). Upon successful performance, there is a possibility to upgrade into a PhD.

While we are waiting for the grant application outcome (in February 2019), we are calling for the 'expression of interest' from potential candidates, who will be asked to submit the full application and interviewed in February 2019, if the NIH grant is awarded.

If you are interested, please email your expression of interest with a personal statement and your CV to: