Faculty of Allied Health Sciences

University of Peradeniya

Faculty of Allied Health Sciences

University of Peradeniya

Quality Assuarance Cell

  • Quality Assurance Cell of Faculty of Allied Health Sciences, University of Peradeniya was established with the instructions of the Vice Chancellor University of Peradeniya in 2016 according to the guidelines given by the UGC. ( Circular No 04/2015 dated 5th May 2015).

    Faculty quality assurance activities were stared in year 2014 appointing a committee according to the request made by the VC. This committee worked for the Institutional Review 2015, March having regular meetings and formulated the teacher evaluation and peer evaluation process.

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  • Commitee Members

    • Dr.M D M L D K Yatawara (Chairperson)
    • Dr. B.S.Weerakoon
    • Dr. N R Amarasinghe
    • Dr. M L Pathirathne
    • Dr.Wasana Kudagammana
    • Dr. T.P. Gamagedara
    • Mr. S.Mayooran
    • Ms.T. Senanayake
    • Ms.Yasangika Higgoda
    • Ms.Chandima Muhandiram
    • Ms. Kanchana Dehigama
    • Mr. Indika Rathninda

    Responsibilities and duties of FQAC coordinator

    • Liaise with the Director, Internal Quality Assurance Unit (IQAC) of the University to coordinate university level Quality Assurance (QA) activities.
    • Organize Faculty level QA meetings on two months basis.
    • Attend to specific issues as recommended by the University Quality Assurance Management Committee from time to time.
    • Monitor the collation and analysis of Faculty level QA data such as peer review forms and student feedback forms.
    • Coordinate with other related committees and units within the Faculty on matters related to QA activities.
    • Prepare the Faculty for programme reviews conducted by the QAC and implementation of their recommendations.
    • Submit recommendations to uplift the status of the Faculty based on the stakeholder feedbacks, public surveys, statistics and other information.;
    • Providing information requested by the IQAU in order to operate its activities efficiently and effectively.
    • Corporate with the IQAU in reviewing and monitoring the quality of academic programmes, research and services provided by the Fa
    • January 17
    • February 21
    • March 20
    • April -
    • May 22
    • June 19
    • July 17
    • August 21
    • Septepmber 18
    • October 23
    • November 20
    • December -

    • Provide inputs to the steering committee and criterion subcommittees on enhancing their functions
    • Complete the SER according to guidelines in the Program review manual, based on collected evidence
    • Present the draft SER for discussion to faculty (academic, nonacademic staff and students) and its completion

    Draft of the SER were presented to the Faculty Board on 22nd and 28th March, 2019 and got the approval to proceed with amendments.

    Five SER prepared for five existing degree programmes of the faculty were submitted on 10th April to QAAC.UGC.

    Discussion - Program Review 2019 – 9th July 2018 onwards
    Work shop on Program Review October 24th, 25th 2018
    Discussion - Program Review 2019 3rd December 2019

    Self evaluation Report writing related meetings were conducted by each Department continuously until the report was submitted.

    Members of the Program review 2019 - Self Evaluation Report Writing Team

    Self Evaluation Report writing Team was approved by 119thFaculty Board ( held on 12th February 2019.

    B.Sc. (Hons) in Medical Laboratory Science Degree Programme

    • Dr.M D M L D K Yatawara (Coordinator)
    • Dr.M P S Mudalige
    • Prof. H M T U Herath
    • Dr. R P Illeperuma

    Bachelor of Pharmacy Degree Programme

    • Dr. N R Amarasinghe (Coordinator)
    • Prof. D B M Wickramaratne
    • Dr. H M D R Herath
    • Dr. Lochana C Menikarachchi

    B.Sc. (Hons) in Radiography Degree Programme

    • Dr. B.S.Weerakoon (Coordinator)
    • Dr. S Kulatunga
    • Dr. U J M A L Jayasinghe
    • Ms. L P G Sherminie

    B.Sc. (Hons) in Nursing Degree Programme

    • Dr. M L Pathirathne (Coordinator)
    • Dr. H D W T Damayanthi
    • Ms. H M R K G Nandasena
    • Mr. B M C Rathnayake
    B.Sc. (Hons) in Physiotherapy Degree Programme

    • Mr. S.Mayooran (Coordinator)
    • Mr. A L I Prasanna
    • Ms.M K I D Senarath
    • Ms. V VSenadheera
  • Degree Programme Review Panel Dates of the site visit
    BSc Physiotherapy Dr.KVivehananthan (OUSL) Chair
    S Yasawardena (SJP
    KS Wanniarachchi (RUH)
    26th August to 29th August 2019
    BSc Radiography Prof.KRRMahanama (CMB) Chair
    PAS Edirisinghe (KLN)
    SM Junaideen (SEUSL)
    10th February to 13th February 2020
    BSc MLS Prof. B. Nimalathasan (JFN) Chair
    J Perera (CMB)
    SSSBDP Soysa (CMB)
    27th January to 30th January 2020
    BSc Nursing Dr.PKTNSPallewatta (CMB) Chair
    V Arasaratnam (JFN)
    DK YapaAbeywardana (KLN)
    28th January to 31st January 2020
    B Pharmacy Prof. P Ravirajan (JFN) Chair
    SS Renganathan (CMB)
    PMC Thilakaratne (KLN)
    27th January to 30th January 2020
  • WorkShop for Students of FAHS

    The Quality Assurance Cell of the Faculty of Allied Health Sciences organized half day workshop on “Role of students in Establishing Quality Assurance process and Quality Culture in Academic Instititutions”for all the students of five Degree Programs in FAHS on 8th August 2019 at the Main Lecture Hall of FAHS. About 210 students participated in this workshop. Prof. R.D.Jayasinghe, Department of oral Medicine & Periodontology, Faculty of Dental Sciences, University of Peradeniya contributed to the workshop as the resource person.

    Discussion on Program Review 2019 at FAHS

    The Quality Assurance Cell of the Faculty of Allied Health Sciences organized a special meeting of FQAC to discuss on “Programme Review - 2019” on 8th August 2019 at the Board Room of FAHS. All FQAC members, Dean & Heads of the Departments participated for this meeting Prof. Prasad Sethunga, Director, Internal Quality Assurance Unit, University of Peradeniya participated for this meeting and made a presentation on program review and review visits. Q & A session was held after the presentation to clarify the queries of the participants

    Workshop for Non Academic Staff of FAHS

    The Quality Assurance Cell of the Faculty of Allied Health Sciences organized workshop on “Awareness of Quality Assurance Activities” on the 29th July 2019 in FAHS from 10 am to 12.00 pm. All the Non Academic Staff of the Faculty were the target audience of this workshop and 61 staff members participated for the workshop. Prof. R.W. Pallegama, Director, Staff Development Center, University of Peradeniya contributed to the workshop as the resource person.