• Delegation team from University of Edinburg to the Faculty of Allied Health Sciences

    A delegation team from Nursing Studies, School of Health in Social Sciences, University of Edinburg which is one of most research active nursing departments in the United Kingdom visited the Department of Nursing Faculty of Allied Health Sciences, University of Peradeniya on 26 th April 2017. The initial discussion was aimed at exploring the potential opportunities to develop a strong collaboration between two nursing departments such as establishment of research collaborations, identifying postgraduate prospects for academics and students, conducting workshops and academic sessions by the expertise from the University of Edinburg and assisting for the improvement of physical resources of the department of Nursing, Faculty of Allied Health Sciences. One of the team members, Professor Aisha Holloway, Professor in Nursing Studies and a non-executive member of Board of Directors of Royal College of Nursing (RCN) led the discussion and she stated that her department is an epitome institute for postgraduate studies in Nursing science. And also she appreciated the B.Sc Nursing curriculum of Faculty of Allied Health Sciences as there are some similar standards compared to the University of Edinburg Nursing curriculum.

    Professor D.B.M.Wickramaratne, Dean of the Faculty of Allied Health Sciences, DrR.P.Illeperuma, Head of the Department of Nursing, Dr A.C.M. Fahim, Senior Lecturer and the coordinator of the team, Mrs.Sheshani a reporter from UKand the academic staff members of the Department of Nursing took part in the discussion which was followed by a brief visit to the Skills Laboratory of the Department of Nursing. This initial conversation was very fruitful and at the end a decision was made to communicate in between each party with regard to the prioritized requirements of the Department of Nursing, Faculty of Allied Health Sciences, as the delegators were indeed willing to support the department to improve the standards of nursing education in Sri Lanka.



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