Lamp lighting ceremony..

  • The 4th Lamp lighting ceremony for the 2009/2010 batch of nursing students was held on 04th January 2013 at the Main lecture hall of the Faculty of Allied Health Sciences. The distinguished guests were the Vice Chancellor, Deputy Vice Chancellor of the University of Peradeniya, the Director of the Nursing Education of the Ministry of Health and the Registrar and Deans of other Faculties of the University.

  • The lamp lighting ceremony began with the procession of the Director/Nursing Education of the Ministry of Health (as Chief Guest), the Vice Chancellor, Deputy Vice Chancellor, the Registrar, Dean of the Faculty, Deans of other faculties, Acting Head/Department of Nursing, Heads of the other four departments, Assistant Registrar of the Faculty, Assistant Bursar, permanent teachers of the faculty, guests and invitees.

  • The importance of the oath taking ceremony for the student nurses was highlighted by the Head of the Department of Nursing. The student nurses graciously lighted their lamps and mounted on to the stage and took their "Nightingale Pledge" which became the highlights of the event.


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