• The English Language Teaching Unit of the Faculty of Allied Health Sciences was proud to present a Variety Entertainment at the completion of the Intensive Course in English for the students of the 2012/2013 batch. Amidst all trials and tribulations, we were able to make this event a great success after four years of silence.

  • Running along the themes of Love, Friendship and Unity, the show came to life as "Zest". The students and lecturers of the ELTU worked together as busy bees in order to add a multitude of colour to "Zest". The show started with a classical instrumental and was followed by songs accompanied by exquisite dances, a dramatic act and a comic fashion show. All these together created a fusion of different cultures on stage.

  • While we appreciate the commitment and enthusiasm shown by the students throughout the Intensive Programme, we hope that "Zest" was a great opportunity for them to gain confidence and courage when stepping into their academic programmes.



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