Final year research presentations 2010

  • Screening for saponins in some plants used in traditional medicine to treat inflammations

  • Screening of potential antihelminthic compounds from medicinal plants

  • Do the diabetic nephropathy patients have adequate knowledge on diabetic nephropathy, medications and its usage?

  • Determination of decomposition variations of different commercial types of salbutamol tablets

  • Awareness of patient’s compliances of asthma

  • Study of community pharmacy set up and practice in selected community pharmacy outlets in Colombo, Kandy and kurunegala district

  • Antimicrobial activity of Mimosa pudica Linn, Cinnamomum zeylanicum Linn, and Trigonella foenum Linn against some bacterial and fungal pathogens and determination of minimum inhibitory concentrations (MIC)

  • Antimicrobial activity of Mentha sylvestris (Linn.), Allium sativum (linn.), and Zingiber officinale (Linn.) against some bacterial and fungal pathogens and determination of minimum inhibitory concentrations

  • The structure of Sri Lankan pharmaceutical industry

  • Comparative pharmacognostic studies on Cyperus rotundus Linn, and Kyllinga monocephala Rottb. (Cyperaceae)

  • Anti diabetic activity of the plant Salacia reticilata and the possible mechanisms in which it reduces the blood sugar

  • Occurrence of serine protease inhibitory activity in the bark extract of Lennea coromandelca

  • Patient education by community pharmacist using patient information leaflets

  • pH dependent denaturation of hemoglobin upon the interaction of propranolol

  • Determination of vitamin C content and the effect of temperature changes on the vitamin C content in nelli (phyllanthus emblica) fruit using two titrimetric methods

  • A preliminary study to evaluate the microbiological quality of pediatric oral liquid drug formulations during consumption

  • Production of antibodies against cytotoxins (6.7 – 7.4 kDa) of Sri Lankan cobra venom

  • Stability consideration on dosage forms extemporaneously prepared in teaching hospital Kurunegala

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