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Pharmacy is the branch of the health science which extends its horizon from raw materials to manufacture of pharmaceuticals to monitoring the proper drug use by the patients. There are two major areas in pharmacy namely, “Pharmaceutical Science” and “Pharmacy Practice”. The pharmacy curriculum of the the Faculty of Allied Health Sciences, University of Peradeniya, incorporates both the pharmacy practice andthe pharmaceutical science aspects equally so that the graduate who completes the course will be able to select the area of interest. The programme is designed to further encourage the graduates to acquire knowledge and insight through self-directed learning and motivate innovative approaches. The programme also aims to produce graduates who have highly developed analytical skills and leadership potential alongside sound clinical competence. Emphasis will also be placed on developing critical and reflective thinking, problem solving and social skills on the undergraduates and also skills to address professional, moral and ethical issues. Provisions of qualified pharmacists at degree level will enable a person to work in a hospital, academic field, industry, community and regulatory environment efficiently maintaining international standards.

Historical background of department, department administration

Until recently most pharmacists employed in the Ministry of Health hospitals and field service units received a two year certificate based training under the purview of the Ministry of Health.  During the last decade, the educational authorities in Sri Lanka increasingly realized the need to advance above professionals’ training to University degree level to be able to match the growing needs of modern medicine that is becoming more complex and specialized.

Based on above, the government of Sri Lanka initiated several University based degree courses for Nursing and Allied Health professions in the year 2004. Four year Bachelor level courses for Allied
Health professionals were introduced by University Grants Commission (UGC) of Sri Lanka. The University of Peradeniya inaugurated a separate faculty to cater for above courses in the year 2007, the first of its kind to be established in the country.

Based on the recommendations by UGC and Ministry of higher education, the B.Pharm degree programme was implemented in 2007 at University of Peradeniya. A senior key academic person from department of pharmacology, Faculty of Medicine was appointed to implement this programme at University of Peradeniya. Dr. T.N.C.Athuraliya who was the overall coordinator for B.Pharm degree programme had worked hard and contributed her maximum efforts to implement this programme at University of Peradeniya. She is now regarded as founder head of Department of Pharmacy in the faculty.

Development of a curriculum for B.Pharm degree was a great challenge for the pharmacy degree program coordinator in her office. This was a huge task at early stage of this degree programme, due to dearth of expertise in this field in Sri Lanka, unable to find professors, senior lecturers or module coordinators locally. Therefore the expertise from neighbouring countries (India, Pakistan and Malaysia) was bought down to prepare the curriculum for B.Pharm degree. International workshops were organized and conducted to formulate the curriculum for the very first time in SriLanka.


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