Faculty of Allied Health Sciences

University of Peradeniya

Faculty of Allied Health Sciences

University of Peradeniya

Contact Information


Faculty of Allied Health Sciences,
University of Peradeniya,
Augusta Hill, Sri Amarawansa Mawatha
Sri Lanka.

Telephone Line

General Lines :+94-81-2065775
Dean :+94-81-2065797
Dean's Office :+94-81-2065775
Assistant Registrar :+94-81-2065796
Fax :+94-81-2387394

Email Addresses

Dean: deanahs@pdn.ac.lk
Assistant Registrar: yasangikah@gmail.com
Assistant Bursar: chandimamgd@gmail.com

Other Contacts

Telephone Lines (Departments)

Accounts Branch +94-81-2065776
Exam Unit +94-81-2065779
English Language Teaching Unit +94-81-2065798
Basic Science +94-81-2065782
Pharmacy +94-81-2065792
Nursing +94-81-2388820
Medical Laboratory Sciences +94-81-2065788
Physiotherapy +94-81-3999 623
Radiography +94-81-2065783
Physiotherapy Service Unit +94-81-2065779

Name Designation Department Office Phone E-mail
Dr. M.A.J.C.Marasinghe Dean Dean’s Office 081-2065797 deanahs@pdn.ac.lk
Miss Y.Higgoda Assistant Registrar Assistant Registrar Office 081-2065796 yasangikah@gmail.com
Miss C.Muhamdiram Assistant Bursar Accounts Unit 081-2065794 chandimamgd@gmail.com
Dr.T.P.Gamagedara Head Basic Sciences 081-2065782 tpiumnil@gmail.com
Dr.(Mrs.) Malka P.S. Mudalige Head MLS 081-2065788 malka.mudalige@gmail.com
Dr. M. L. Pathirathna Head Nursing 081-2388820 malshanilakshika@gmail.com  
Dr. A.C.M Fahim Head Pharmacy 081-2065792 fahim.cader@gmail.com
Mr. A.L.I Prasanna Head Physiotherapy 081-3999623 prasanna3k@yahoo.com
Dr. Sunil Kulathunga Head Radiography 081-2065783 kulathunga.sunil@gmail.com
Miss T.Senanayake Coordinator ELTU 081-2065798 taras@sltnet.lk


Contact Person

Deputy Proctor

Mr.A.L.I.Prasanna/Department of  Physiotherapy

Senior Students Counsellor

Dr. Imalka U.P.K Tennakoon/Department of Pharmacy
Dr. W. Kudagammana/Department of MLS
Dr. M. L. Pathirathna/Department of Nursing
Dr. Sunil Kulathunga/Department of Radiography
Mr. Mayooran Sithravelayuthan/Department of Physiotherapy

Student Welfare and Advisory Committee

Dr. U.J.M.A.Jayasinghe(Chairman)

Faculty Rep. for Web Committee  

Dr. M.L.C.Manikarrachchie

Faculty Admission Committee

Dr. U.J.M.A.Jayasinghe(Chairman)

Faculty Research Committee

Dr. A.C.M.Fahim(Chairman)

English Committee

Dr. A.C.M.Fahim (Chairman)

Faculty Ethics Review Committee

Dr. A.C.M Fahim(Chairman)

Faculty Higher Degrees Committee

Dr. M.A.J.C. Marasinghe(Chairman)

Faculty Buildings & Infrastructure Committee


Time Table Committee

Assistant Registrar (Convenor)

Faculty Academic Development and Planning Committee

Dr. M.A.J.C.Marasinghe (Chairman)

Faculty Quality Assurance Committee

Dr.M.D.M.L.D.K.Yatawara (Chairperson)