Nursing Congress - 2018
Faculty of Allied Health Sciences
University of Peradeniya

“Exploring nurses’ role towards better health care”

Nursing Congress – 2018

The Department of Nursing is pleased to declare the first ever nursing congress of University of Peradeniya, on 06th and 07th of April 2018, at the Faculty of Allied Health Sciences, University of Peradeniya. The annual nursing congress 2018 will provide an excellent platform for nursing educators, nursing professionals, researchers as well as students and industry representatives throughout the country to share, report on and discuss the research innovations, advances and scientific achievements within the scope of Nursing practice and academia. The organizing committee is gearing up for an exciting and informative conference program including plenary lectures, workshop and scientific sessions (Oral and Poster Presentations) for participant from all over the island in which the new information and exciting innovations of the nursing field and health care of Sri Lanka will be exchanged. In breadth, the Nursing Congress 2018 will provide an opportunity for networking with different health care personnel throughout the country.

Aims and Objectives of the congress

Nurses play a vital role in the health care team. Thus it fortifies with scientific skills along with a strong background in the social sciences and humanities. The integral role of nurses makes a significant contribution to protect and promote health and wellness, prevention of injury and illness and restore health. Despite the advances in medicine, a major challenge for current nursing practice and nursing education is to address better and equal health care for all in the country. The Nursing Congress- 2018 aims to,
• Explore the innovations in nursing practice towards health care.
• Discover the advances in nursing education and research.
• Disseminate research evidences in relation to better health care.
• Explore nurses’ contribution to evidence-based healthcare.
• Build relationships and exchange of experience and expertise across the nursing specialties in the country.
The scientific event will take place at the Faculty of Allied Health Sciences and it will mark the first nursing congress in the history of the faculty.

The Target Audience

The Nursing Congress-2018 will bring together individuals from diverse fields of nursing including,
• Professional Nurses
• Academics (Nursing, Allied Health and Medical)
• Nursing Administrators and leaders
• Undergraduate and Postgraduate Nursing Students
• Other health care professionals
• Nursing Training Institutes
• Health Care Industry